All molecular changes (3071)

Identifier Name Gene Data Tissues Organism Actions
DAA849 telomere shortening liver Human
DAA989 telomere shortening lymphocytes Human
DAA902 specific activities of enzymes are reduced kidney Human
DAA959 telomere shortening naïve T cell Human
DAA2056 MicroRNA let-7b expression upregulated skeletal muscle Human
DAA901 telomere shortening kidney Human
DAA1224 MTHFR methylation decrease prefrontal cortex Human
DAA2057 MicroRNA let-7e expression upregulated skeletal muscle Human
DAA1232 decreased proteasomal activity in T cells T cell Human
DAA673 telomere length in hematopoietic stem cells hematopoietic stem cells Human
DAA890 IgM deposition in glomeruli glomerulus Human
DAA1231 decreased NF-KappaB induction in T cells T cell Human
DAA1986 telomere shortening leukocyte Human
DAA2042 Increase in IgA and IgM oral cavity Human
DAA1998 Lipid oxidation increased with age in males skin Human
DAA1211 blood HSP70 level increase plasma Human
DAA877 Higher oxidation and decreased proteasome activity epidermis Human
DAA1997 DNA damage increases with age skin Human
DAA2038 Concentration of cell free DNA increases plasma Human
DAA2047 creatinine levels increase plasma Human
DAA2000 NAD(+) levels decrease with age skin Human
DAA1065 efflux pump activity decreases blood brain barrier Human
DAA2055 Circulating miR-21 expression increases blood Human
DAA1067 transporter activity decreases blood brain barrier Human
DAA4478 Gene expression of PLA2G4B increases with age PLA2G4B skin Human