Welcome to the Digital Ageing Atlas, the portal of ageing-related changes

The Digital Ageing Atlas (DAA) is a portal of age-related changes covering different biological levels. It integrates molecular, physiological, psychological and pathological age-related data to create an interactive portal that serves as the first centralised collection of human ageing changes and pathologies.

To facilitate integrative, system-level studies of ageing, the DAA provides a centralised source for ageing-related data as well as basic tools to query and visualize the data, including anatomical models. Data in the DAA is manually curated from the literature and retrieved from public databases. For more detailed analyses users are able to download the entire database. More information on how to use the DAA is available on our help page.

The DAA primarily focuses on human ageing, but also includes supplementary mouse data, in particular gene expression data, to enhance and expand the information on human ageing.