All changes for the tissue nervous system (640)

Identifier Name Type Tissues Organism Gene Data Actions
DAA1 abhydrolase domain containing 14A Molecular brain Human ABHD14A 3.0% Decrease Gene Expression Level
DAA2 abl-interactor 2 Molecular brain Human ABI2 18.0% Decrease Gene Expression Level
DAA723 Accumulation of extracellular neuritic plaques Physiological brain Human
DAA722 Accumulation of neuromelanin in dopaminergic nigral neurons Physiological substantia nigra Human
DAA3 actin, alpha 1, skeletal muscle Molecular brain Human ACTA1 16.0% Decrease Gene Expression Level
DAA4 actin, beta Molecular brain Human ACTB 4.0% Decrease Gene Expression Level
DAA5 actin-like 6A Molecular brain Human ACTL6A 21.0% Increase Gene Expression Level
DAA761 Activation threshold for long-term potentiation is increased Psychological brain Human
DAA618 Acute rheumatic fever and chronic rheumatic heart diseases Pathological heart, skin, brain Human SeriesMorbidity
DAA12 adaptor-related protein complex 1, sigma 1 subunit Molecular brain Human AP1S1 12.0% Decrease Gene Expression Level
DAA1978 Age differences in classical conditioning of the eyelid response Physiological eyelid Human
DAA6 AHNAK nucleoprotein Molecular brain Human AHNAK 13.0% Increase Gene Expression Level
DAA7 aldehyde dehydrogenase 9 family, member A1 Molecular brain Human ALDH9A1 10.0% Increase Gene Expression Level
DAA2033 Alterations in structural proteins and cell membranes in the lenses Physiological lens Human
DAA2041 Altered brain mitochondrial metabolism Physiological brain Human
DAA2031 Altered concentration of sodium, potassium and calcium Physiological lens Human
DAA748 Altered sleep parameters and patterns Psychological brain Human
DAA615 Alzheimer's disease Pathological brain Human SeriesMorbidity
DAA8 angiomotin Molecular brain Human AMOT 10.0% Increase Gene Expression Level
DAA9 ankyrin 2, neuronal Molecular brain Human ANK2 20.0% Decrease Gene Expression Level
DAA11 annexin A4 Molecular brain Human ANXA4 11.0% Increase Gene Expression Level
DAA22 antizyme inhibitor 1 Molecular brain Human AZIN1 11.0% Decrease Gene Expression Level
DAA1223 APOE promoter methylation decrease Molecular prefrontal cortex Human APOE
DAA13 apolipoprotein D Molecular brain Human APOD 14.0% Increase Gene Expression Level
DAA14 arylsulfatase A Molecular brain Human ARSA 17.0% Increase Gene Expression Level