solute carrier family 6 (neutral amino acid transporter), member 17


SLC6A17 (may also be known as: None)




The SLC6 family of proteins, which includes SLC6A17, acts as specific transporters for neurotransmitters, amino acids, and osmolytes like betaine, taurine, and creatine. SLC6 proteins are sodium cotransporters that derive the energy for solute transport from the electrochemical gradient for sodium ions (Hoglund et al., 2005 [PubMed 16125675]).[supplied by OMIM, Mar 2008]


slc6a17 Danio rerio
Slc6a17 Mus musculus
Slc6a17 Rattus norvegicus

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GO Terms

GO IDGO TermGO Category
GO:0006836 neurotransmitter transport biological_process
GO:0015804 neutral amino acid transport biological_process
GO:0015816 glycine transport biological_process
GO:0015820 leucine transport biological_process
GO:0015824 proline transport biological_process
GO:0032328 alanine transport biological_process
GO:0005887 integral to plasma membrane cellular_component
GO:0008021 synaptic vesicle cellular_component
GO:0016020 membrane cellular_component
GO:0030054 cell junction cellular_component
GO:0030672 synaptic vesicle membrane cellular_component
GO:0031410 cytoplasmic vesicle cellular_component
GO:0045202 synapse cellular_component
GO:0005328 neurotransmitter:sodium symporter activity molecular_function
GO:0015293 symporter activity molecular_function