All changes for the tissue alimentary system (68)

Identifier Name Type Tissues Organism Gene Data Actions
DAA1034 Edentulism (Tooth Loss) (Male) Pathological tooth Human SeriesIncidence
DAA1035 Edentulism (Tooth Loss) (Female) Pathological tooth Human SeriesIncidence
DAA1060 Blood flow to liver decreases Physiological liver Human
DAA1061 Variability in clearance of hepatically metabolized drugs Physiological liver Human
DAA1201 TCF4 exon 1 methylation increases Molecular gastric mucosa Human TCF4 Increase DNA Methylation
DAA2042 Increase in IgA and IgM Molecular oral cavity Human
DAA2058 Mosaic abnormalities increase Physiological blood, oral cavity Human
DAA2585 Exocrine pancreatic function unchanged Physiological pancreas Human
DAA2590 Loss of liver regeneration with age Physiological liver Human
DAA2600 Chromosome deletions, duplications, and gene conversion events accumulate with age Physiological colon Human
DAA588 Viral hepatitis Pathological liver Human SeriesMorbidity
DAA590 Cancer of lip, oral cavity, and pharynx Pathological tongue Human SeriesMorbidity
DAA591 Cancer of esophagus Pathological oesophagus Human SeriesMorbidity
DAA592 Stomach cancer Pathological stomach Human SeriesMorbidity
DAA593 Cancer of colon, rectum and anus Pathological intestine Human SeriesMorbidity
DAA594 Cancer of liver and intrahepatic bile ducts Pathological liver Human SeriesMorbidity
DAA595 Pancreatic cancer Pathological pancreas Human SeriesMorbidity
DAA613 Diabetes mellitus Pathological pancreas Human SeriesMorbidity
DAA636 Peptic ulcer Pathological stomach Human SeriesMorbidity
DAA637 Chronic liver disease and cirrhosis Pathological liver Human SeriesMorbidity
DAA638 Cholelithiasis and other disorders of gallbladders Pathological liver and biliary system Human SeriesMorbidity
DAA825 Dental wear and tear Physiological tooth Human
DAA826 Weaker digestive tract muscle contractions Physiological alimentary system, smooth muscle Human
DAA827 Slowing down of peristaltic motion in alimentary canal Physiological alimentary system Human
DAA828 Increase in amplitude and duration of peristaltic pressure wave in hypopharyngeal sphincter Physiological hypopharynx Human