actin-like 6A


ACTL6A (may also be known as: Actl6, BAF)




Bap55 Drosophila melanogaster
Actl6a Mus musculus
swsn-6 Caenorhabditis elegans
actl6a Danio rerio
Actl6a Rattus norvegicus
ARP1 Saccharomyces cerevisiae

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Changes associated with this gene

Identifier Name Type Tissues Organism Gene Data Actions
DAA5 actin-like 6A Molecular brain Human ACTL6A 21.0% Increase Gene Expression Level

GO Terms

GO IDGO TermGO Category
GO:0003407 neural retina development biological_process
GO:0006281 DNA repair biological_process
GO:0006310 DNA recombination biological_process
GO:0006338 chromatin remodeling biological_process
GO:0006357 regulation of transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter biological_process
GO:0007165 signal transduction biological_process
GO:0007399 nervous system development biological_process
GO:0040008 regulation of growth biological_process
GO:0043967 histone H4 acetylation biological_process
GO:0043968 histone H2A acetylation biological_process
GO:0005634 nucleus cellular_component
GO:0005886 plasma membrane cellular_component
GO:0016514 SWI/SNF complex cellular_component
GO:0016585 chromatin remodeling complex cellular_component
GO:0031011 Ino80 complex cellular_component
GO:0035267 NuA4 histone acetyltransferase complex cellular_component
GO:0071564 npBAF complex cellular_component
GO:0003682 chromatin binding molecular_function
GO:0003713 transcription coactivator activity molecular_function
GO:0005515 protein binding molecular_function
GO:0005524 ATP binding molecular_function