Whitbourne, S. K. (1985) "The Aging Body: Physiological Changes and Psychological Consequences" (21 entries)

Changes associated with this reference

Identifier Name Type Tissues Organism Gene Data Actions
DAA815 Alveolar duct size increases Physiological alveolus Human
DAA845 Atrophy of all four layers of large intestine Physiological large intestine Human
DAA839 Atrophy of mucosal lining in small intestine Physiological small intestine Human
DAA653 Bone becomes more brittle, less flexible Physiological bone Human
DAA651 Bone porosity increases Physiological bone Human
DAA848 Calcium absorption in intestine decreases Physiological intestine Human
DAA830 Diminishing of glandular secretions Physiological alimentary system Human
DAA654 Fractures are cleaner Physiological bone Human
DAA834 Gastric secretions diminish Physiological alimentary system Human
DAA847 Increase in incidence of diverticulosis Physiological large intestine Human
DAA819 Maximum volume of air in lungs decreases Physiological lung Human
DAA652 Mineralization of bone tissue increases Physiological bone Human
DAA831 Mouth becomes drier Physiological salivary gland Human
DAA733 Neurotransmitter and neuro receptor concentrations are altered Physiological brain Human
DAA816 Number of alveoli decreases Physiological alveolus Human
DAA657 Osteoarthritis Pathological joint Human
DAA840 Reduction in small intestine absorption rate Physiological small intestine Human
DAA827 Slowing down of peristaltic motion in alimentary canal Physiological alimentary system Human
DAA794 Ventilatory rate at maximum exertion decreases Physiological lung Human
DAA846 Weakening of intestinal wall Physiological large intestine Human
DAA826 Weaker digestive tract muscle contractions Physiological alimentary system, smooth muscle Human