All physiological changes (343)

Identifier Name Data Tissues Organism Actions
DAA1000 Decline in epidermis keratinocyte turnover epidermis Human
DAA1001 Atrophy of hypodermal layer subcutaneous Human
DAA1002 Decreased ability to modulate heat loss integument system Human
DAA1003 Wrinkles skin Human
DAA1004 Decreased/disorganized fibril network of dermis dermis Human
DAA1005 Loss of smooth padding provided by hypodermal fat cells skin Human
DAA1006 Decreased amounts of collagen IV and VII, and abnormal elastin in dermis dermis Human
DAA1009 Dermal collagen atrophies dermis Human
DAA1011 Changes in glycosaminoglycan/proteoglycan epidermis, dermis Human
DAA1052 Cholesterol level - High (Male) SeriesIncidence plasma Human
DAA1053 Cholesterol level - High (Female) SeriesIncidence plasma Human
DAA1057 Lean body mass decreases whole body Human
DAA1058 Body fat increases whole body Human
DAA1060 Blood flow to liver decreases liver Human
DAA1061 Variability in clearance of hepatically metabolized drugs liver Human
DAA1062 Creatinine clearance declines kidney Human
DAA1063 Orthostatic hypotension incidence increases cardiovascular system Human
DAA1073 Fewer cells and higher apoptosis bone marrow Human
DAA1076 Progressive liquefaction vitreous humor Human
DAA1180 Morning concentrations of testosterone decline 80.0% Decrease Hormone Level plasma Human
DAA1181 Morning IGF1 decline 51.0% Decrease Hormone Level plasma Human
DAA1198 Circadian Rhythm whole body Human
DAA1199 Serum klotho Increase Hormone Level plasma Human
DAA1200 Inhibin levels decline Decrease Hormone Level plasma Human
DAA1205 Body temperature decreases with age whole body Human