All molecular changes (3071)

Identifier Name Gene Data Tissues Organism Actions
DAA3836 Gene expression of ABHD5 decreases with age ABHD5 skin Human
DAA3777 Gene expression of ABHD12 decreases with age ABHD12 skin Human
DAA2966 Gene expression of ABCA1 increases with age ABCA1 skin Human
DAA3760 Gene expression of ABHD14A decreases with age ABHD14A skin Human
DAA2965 Gene expression of AADAC decreases with age AADAC skin Human
DAA3728 Gene expression of ABCA5 increases with age ABCA5 skin Human
DAA1231 decreased NF-KappaB induction in T cells T cell Human
DAA982 expression of CD16 receptor diminished FCGR3A neutrophil Human
DAA3607 Gene expression of ABCC4 decreases with age ABCC4 skin Human
DAA4344 Gene expression of ABHD12B decreases with age ABHD12B skin Human
DAA2967 Gene expression of ABCA4 decreases with age ABCA4 skin Human
DAA4096 Gene expression of AACS decreases with age AACS skin Human
DAA1997 DNA damage increases with age skin Human
DAA1232 decreased proteasomal activity in T cells T cell Human
DAA1223 APOE promoter methylation decrease APOE prefrontal cortex Human
DAA2038 Concentration of cell free DNA increases plasma Human
DAA1210 blood CRP level increase CRP plasma Human
DAA1065 efflux pump activity decreases blood brain barrier Human
DAA3320 Gene expression of ABCB1 increases with age ABCB1 skin Human
DAA1202 arNOX specific activity increases ENOX1 skin Human
DAA2047 creatinine levels increase plasma Human
DAA1211 blood HSP70 level increase plasma Human
DAA2055 Circulating miR-21 expression increases blood Human
DAA2968 Gene expression of ACACA decreases with age ACACA skin Human
DAA3762 Gene expression of ABI3BP decreases with age ABI3BP skin Human