All physiological changes (22)

Identifier Name Data Tissues Organism Actions
DAA1960 Adipocyte formation increases bone marrow Mouse
DAA1934 Body weight declines whole body Mouse
DAA1974 Bone loss bone Mouse
DAA2037 Decrease in mitochondrial content and oxidative metabolism in cells brain Mouse
DAA1950 D-glucose absorption decreased endocrine system Mouse
DAA988 Function declines dendritic cell Mouse
DAA1941 Gait width increases nervous system Mouse
DAA1940 Grip strength decreases skeletal muscle Mouse
DAA1954 Interleukin-15 levels decrease in plasma and muscle plasma, muscle Mouse
DAA1953 Interleukin-6 plasma levels are elevated in response to acute systemic inflammation immune system Mouse
DAA1949 Intracellular glutathione content decreases brain Mouse
DAA1935 Kyphosis spine Mouse
DAA1975 Loss of subcutaneous adipose skin layer skin Mouse
DAA943 Lower affinity antibodies generated B cell Mouse
DAA1943 Motor coordination decreases musculoskeletal system, nervous system Mouse
DAA2036 Neural stem cell pool declines hippocampus Mouse
DAA1948 Neurogenesis is reduced brain Mouse
DAA1959 Osteoblast differentiation decreases bone marrow Mouse
DAA1971 Pancreatic Beta-cell replication decrease pancreas Mouse
DAA1952 Possible blunting of growth hormone secretion increase in response to multiple stimuli endocrine system Mouse
DAA700 Shift in reduced:oxidized glutathione ratio in favour of oxidized gluthione blood, lymphocytes Mouse
DAA1947 Vitamin C levels decrease blood, T cell Mouse