All changes for the tissue muscle (15)

Identifier Name Type Tissues Organism Gene Data Actions
DAA2591 Advanced glycation end products increases in aging human skeletal muscle Physiological muscle Human
DAA806 Decline in respiratory muscle fibers Physiological respiratory system, muscle Human
DAA1940 Grip strength decreases Physiological skeletal muscle Mouse
DAA1954 Interleukin-15 levels decrease in plasma and muscle Physiological plasma, muscle Mouse
DAA2045 Loss of muscle torque Physiological skeletal muscle Human
DAA809 Loss of peripheral motor neurons Physiological respiratory system, muscle Human
DAA642 Muscle atrophy (sarcopenia) Physiological skeletal muscle Human
DAA2592 Muscle characteristics change with aging Physiological muscle Human
DAA643 Muscle fiber energy metabolism declines Physiological skeletal muscle Human
DAA1992 Muscle mass and strength loss Physiological skeletal muscle Human
DAA2026 Mutations in mitochondrial DNA accumulate Physiological heart, kidney, skeletal muscle, cerebral cortex, cerebellum Human
DAA2040 Reduced type II muscle fiber Physiological skeletal muscle Human
DAA810 Respiratory muscle strength declines Physiological respiratory system, muscle Human
DAA2599 Telomere shortening Physiological adipose tissue, skeletal muscle, skin, leukocyte Human
DAA826 Weaker digestive tract muscle contractions Physiological alimentary system, smooth muscle Human