All physiological changes (343)

Identifier Name Data Tissues Organism Actions
DAA642 Muscle atrophy (sarcopenia) skeletal muscle Human
DAA643 Muscle fiber energy metabolism declines skeletal muscle Human
DAA644 Tendons' ability to elongate decreases tendon Human
DAA645 Bone remodeling decreases bone Human
DAA646 Osteoporosis: progressive loss of bone strength bone Human
DAA647 Bone resorption increases for cortical bone bone Human
DAA648 Bone mass decreases bone Human
DAA649 Bone mineral density in cortical ulna decreases ulna Human
DAA650 Bone density of total hip and femoral neck decreases bone Human
DAA651 Bone porosity increases bone Human
DAA652 Mineralization of bone tissue increases bone Human
DAA653 Bone becomes more brittle, less flexible bone Human
DAA654 Fractures are cleaner bone Human
DAA656 Synovial fluid alterations synovium Human
DAA658 Cartilage color changes cartilage Human
DAA659 Cell number decreases in cartilage cartilage Human
DAA660 Cartilage joint surface cracks and frays cartilage Human
DAA661 Cartilage matrix synthesis to degradation ratio decreases cartilage Human
DAA662 Fibril types in cartilage matrix are altered cartilage Human
DAA663 Calcification of cartilage matrix cartilage Human
DAA664 Cartilage calcification interferes with normal diffusion metabolism cartilage Human
DAA665 Calcification makes cartilage more brittle cartilage Human
DAA666 Cartilage asbestos transformation€ cartilage Human
DAA667 Cartilage matrix softening and cavity formation cartilage Human
DAA668 Proteoglycan alterations in cartilage cartilage Human