All changes for the tissue intestine (18)

Identifier Name Type Tissues Organism Gene Data Actions
DAA845 Atrophy of all four layers of large intestine Physiological large intestine Human
DAA839 Atrophy of mucosal lining in small intestine Physiological small intestine Human
DAA848 Calcium absorption in intestine decreases Physiological intestine Human
DAA593 Cancer of colon, rectum and anus Pathological intestine Human SeriesMorbidity
DAA2600 Chromosome deletions, duplications, and gene conversion events accumulate with age Physiological colon Human
DAA991 Decreased function of epithelial barriers Physiological lung, oral cavity, pharynx, oesophagus, stomach, intestine, epidermis Human
DAA843 Gastric lipase and bile acid secretion decreases Physiological stomach, small intestine Human
DAA838 Increase in IgA Physiological intestine Human
DAA847 Increase in incidence of diverticulosis Physiological large intestine Human
DAA841 Lipid absorption and solubilization decreases Physiological small intestine Human
DAA855 Migrating motor complex is prolonged Physiological small intestine Human
DAA857 Myenteric plexus neuron number decreases Physiological oesophagus, stomach, intestine Human
DAA860 Nonadrenergic innervation of myenteric plexus decreases Physiological jejunum Human
DAA840 Reduction in small intestine absorption rate Physiological small intestine Human
DAA859 Responsiveness of cholinergic receptors is decreased Physiological ileum Human
DAA861 Resting and squeeze pressures in anal canal decrease Physiological anus Human
DAA862 Threshold sensational level for rectal filling increase Physiological rectum, anus Human
DAA846 Weakening of intestinal wall Physiological large intestine Human