a disintegrin-like and metallopeptidase (reprolysin type) with thrombospondin type 1 motif, 1


Adamts1 (may also be known as: C3-C5, MET)




adamts1 Danio rerio
ADAMTS1 Homo sapiens
Adamts1 Rattus norvegicus

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GO Terms

GO IDGO TermGO Category
GO:0001542 ovulation from ovarian follicle biological_process
GO:0001822 kidney development biological_process
GO:0006508 proteolysis biological_process
GO:0016525 negative regulation of angiogenesis biological_process
GO:0060347 heart trabecula formation biological_process
GO:0005576 extracellular region cellular_component
GO:0005578 proteinaceous extracellular matrix cellular_component
GO:0005604 basement membrane cellular_component
GO:0031012 extracellular matrix cellular_component
GO:0031410 cytoplasmic vesicle cellular_component
GO:0004222 metalloendopeptidase activity molecular_function
GO:0005515 protein binding molecular_function
GO:0008201 heparin binding molecular_function
GO:0008233 peptidase activity molecular_function
GO:0008237 metallopeptidase activity molecular_function
GO:0008270 zinc ion binding molecular_function
GO:0016787 hydrolase activity molecular_function
GO:0046872 metal ion binding molecular_function