All physiological changes (343)

Identifier Name Data Tissues Organism Actions
DAA801 Calcification of costal cartilage thorax, cartilage Human
DAA1198 Circadian Rhythm whole body Human
DAA2050 Decreased ability to maintain body temperature when exposed to cold whole body Human
DAA1058 Body fat increases whole body Human
DAA2024 Total body water decreases whole body Human
DAA1057 Lean body mass decreases whole body Human
DAA2594 Resting metabolic rate decreases with ageing whole body Human
DAA2048 Total body potassium declines whole body Human
DAA1205 Body temperature decreases with age whole body Human
DAA926 Hot flushes whole body Human
DAA2052 Cold-induced heat production tends to decrease whole body Human
DAA2025 Basal oxygen uptake per kilogram of body water unchanged whole body Human
DAA2043 Variations in body weight whole body Human
DAA2023 Basal heat production decreases whole body Human
DAA751 Body temperature circadian rhythm flattens whole body Human
DAA749 Earlier circadian temperature phase whole body Human
DAA2049 Reduction in total body protein whole body Human
DAA2046 Changes in fat distribution adipose tissue Human
DAA2599 Telomere shortening adipose tissue, skeletal muscle, skin, leukocyte Human
DAA2044 Variations in fat mass adipose tissue Human
DAA2054 Altered cardiovascular response during heating cardiovascular system Human
DAA1985 Diastolic dysfunction with aging cardiovascular system Human
DAA682 Systolic blood pressure increases cardiovascular system Human
DAA685 Diastolic blood pressure changes cardiovascular system Human
DAA1063 Orthostatic hypotension incidence increases cardiovascular system Human