All changes for the tissue hematological system (287)

Identifier Name Type Tissues Organism Gene Data Actions
DAA1211 blood HSP70 level increase Molecular plasma Human
DAA696 Blood cholesterol increases Physiological plasma Human
DAA675 Beta-galactosidase expression increases in mesenchymal stem cells Physiological mesenchymal stem cell Human
DAA673 telomere length in hematopoietic stem cells Molecular hematopoietic stem cells Human
DAA946 Thymic hormone levels decrease Physiological plasma Human
DAA612 Anemia Pathological blood Human SeriesMorbidity
DAA699 Triglyceride levels increase Physiological plasma Human
DAA2035 Alterations in frequency, developmental potential and gene expression profile in hematopoietic stem cells Physiological hematopoietic stem cells Human
DAA936 Volume of hematopoietic bone marrow decreases Physiological bone marrow Human
DAA912 Aldosterone secretion, blood levels and clearance decrease Physiological plasma, adrenal gland Human
DAA909 Mean blood glucose level increases Physiological plasma Human
DAA698 Albumin levels decrease Physiological plasma Human