All changes for the tissue respiratory system (38)

Identifier Name Type Tissues Organism Gene Data Actions
DAA1018 Lifetime Asthma Diagnosis (Male) Pathological lung Human SeriesIncidence
DAA823 Loss of elastic recoil Physiological lung Human
DAA809 Loss of peripheral motor neurons Physiological respiratory system, muscle Human
DAA813 Maximal inspiratory pressure decreases Physiological lung Human
DAA819 Maximum volume of air in lungs decreases Physiological lung Human
DAA816 Number of alveoli decreases Physiological alveolus Human
DAA793 Peak flow decreases Physiological lung Human
DAA632 Pneumonia Pathological respiratory system Human SeriesMorbidity
DAA811 Respiratory drive decreases Physiological respiratory system Human
DAA810 Respiratory muscle strength declines Physiological respiratory system, muscle Human
DAA812 Responses to hypoxemia and hypercapnia are decreased Physiological respiratory system Human
DAA822 Small airway obstruction Pathological lung Human
DAA794 Ventilatory rate at maximum exertion decreases Physiological lung Human