All changes for the tissue cardiovascular system (50)

Identifier Name Type Tissues Organism Gene Data Actions
DAA622 Acute myocardial infarction Pathological heart Human SeriesMorbidity
DAA618 Acute rheumatic fever and chronic rheumatic heart diseases Pathological heart, skin, brain Human SeriesMorbidity
DAA2054 Altered cardiovascular response during heating Physiological cardiovascular system Human
DAA629 Aortic aneurism and dissection Pathological aorta Human SeriesMorbidity
DAA680 Aortic pulse wave velocity increases Physiological aorta Human
DAA679 Arterial rigidity gradually increases Physiological artery Human
DAA692 Arteriosclerosis Physiological artery Human
DAA628 Atherosclerosis Pathological artery Human SeriesMorbidity
DAA624 Atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease Pathological heart Human SeriesMorbidity
DAA713 Cardiac index decreased Physiological heart Human
DAA695 Cell proliferation increases Physiological arterial intima Human
DAA704 Cellular hypertrophy in left ventricular wall Physiological left ventricle Human
DAA709 Coronary artery disease incidence increases Pathological heart, artery Human
DAA1023 Coronary heart disease (Female) Pathological heart Human SeriesIncidence
DAA1022 Coronary heart disease (Male) Pathological heart Human SeriesIncidence
DAA1995 Decrease in collagen in the venous intima Physiological venous intima Human 42.0% Decrease Protein level
DAA685 Diastolic blood pressure changes Physiological cardiovascular system Human
DAA1985 Diastolic dysfunction with aging Physiological cardiovascular system Human
DAA2021 Diminution in the resting cardiac output Physiological heart Human
DAA617 Diseases of heart Pathological heart Human SeriesMorbidity
DAA690 Elastic and smooth muscle layers increase in size Physiological arterial intima Human
DAA691 Elastic fibers become fragmented, redistributed, and thinned Physiological artery Human
DAA689 Endothelial cells more irregular in size and shape Physiological arterial intima Human
DAA626 Essential (primary) hypertension and hypertensive renal disease Pathological heart, kidney Human SeriesMorbidity
DAA710 Facets of heart physiology altered during exercise Physiological heart Human